Your Whaler is an investment. If your beloved piece needs repair or just a tuneup, we are always here to take care of one of our own. Whaler keeps records and stock parts of all models. Yours will be treated with the same care and attention as the day it left the shop. We will try to to retain the patina on your piece and make it just the way you remembered.

The serial number found on every Whaler is unique to that piece and is kept in our registry. If you choose to have a Whaler registered under your name, it will always be yours. When a Whaler is recovered from a loss, we will try to contact the original owner for its return.

Whaler leather retains weather-resistant properties from the tanning process. Before each piece leaves the shop, it is lightly treated for water resistance.To protect your Whaler, we recommend Shining Monkey Fabric Protector™. Before use, shake the can rigorously for 30 seconds. Hold the nozzle approximately 10” from the surface, spray without pause, allowing the mist to fall evenly over the surface. Wipe the it clean with a soft cloth. Repeat the   process a few times. Experiment on a hard surface first. Use often in small measures to ensure the best results. Too much spray will cause color change.
While Whaler leather retains some water resistant properties, it is recommended to limit any exposure to rain and snow. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth immediately after exposure to water. Use your Whaler Sea Bag as a shield against tough weather.

** Whaler leather SHOULD NOT be used with any oil or liquid wax based cleaner or protector. Using such agents could darken the leather.