I lost my beloved briefcase many years ago in a car theft. My faithful companion. One that I carried every day since college. It was painful. I was furious. After searching everywhere, I had to give up. A month later, I received an email from a stranger, a professor working for Hass Center for Public Service at Stanford, that while biking at night, he had found an empty bag abandoned by the zoo which had a brass dog tag with my name and website. I was stunned. Apparently the thief stripped all of my valuables and dumped the old bag, not knowing the bag was worth far more to me than its content. It occurred to me that day how else would I learn what is important in life without a such a loss? It was also the day when I started thinking of creating something that would mean a lot to a lot of others. Deservingly. By the way, the professor had declined every possible effort of my gratitude. Today he is the proud owner of the first Whaler , which owes its very creation to him. True story.